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With more than 400 establishments in France and Southern Euruope, Odalys offers apartments by the beach or in the countryside, chalets in the mountains as well as mobile homes, city centre apart’hotels and student accommodation. This wide choice satisfies « business travel » as well as « family holidays ».


The Odalys Group: an agile and multi-business accomodation provider

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A key player in the European tourist accommodation market, the Odalys Group welcomes more than 2 million holidaymakers each year to its 430 sites. This success is based on the vast range of accommodation on offer allowing guests to stay in apartments by the beachfront, in the countryside and in the mountains, in chalets, mobile homes, apart’hotels in city centres or student accommodation.

This diversified offer, satisfying both families on holiday and business travellers, is a testament to the continued agility that the Odalys Group has shown since its inception to adapt and integrate the new lifestyles and travel habits of its clients.

Over the next few years, the Odalys Group will accelerate its ambitious development policy. Firstly in France, with a strategy of moving towards more upmarket accommodation in the mountains where 4 new Prestige residences will open by the year 2023, along with the deployment of new interior concepts on the urban residence and student residence markets as well as mobile home campsites.

And also internationally with more than 30 openings scheduled by 2025, in particular, in the city centre apart’hotel segment (Odalys City), an accommodation offer not available in French-speaking African countries, and the student residence segment (Odalys Campus), in response to the lack of student housing in the majority of European university cities. Two high-potential markets in which the Odalys Group intends to rapidly position itself as a key player with 15 projects already under study and 5 projects to be signed in Lisbon, Porto (Portugal) and Douala (Cameroon) in the next 3 years.

Furthermore, over the past four years, the Group has undertaken a policy of plural diversification in order to extend its borders beyond accommodation. As an essential partner of local authorities and local economic life, the Odalys Group has gradually moved from being an accommodation provider to a multi-business player.

In the many destinations where the Group is present, it is at the same time an accommodation provider, a managing agent through its subsidiary SGIT Gestion which accompanies 19,000 co-owner clients, a concierge service provider for owners who rent their apartments on booking platforms dedicated to reservations between private individuals thanks to its new brand La Conciergerie by Odalys, a designer-developer-installer of residential areas, a property developer and even a real estate agency in certain destinations via Odalys Invest and our new sales activity of residential mobile homes via Odalys Plein Air.

All of this should enable Odalys Group to continue to meet the expectations of its clients as closely as possible while continuing its expansion around its various concepts in Europe and beyond.

Laurent Dusollier, Managing Director, Odalys Group



The Odalys Group stands out from its competitors because of the diversity of accommodation types offered, ranging from mobile homes to upmarket chalets, going through residences, holiday clubs, prestige residences, city centre apart’hotels and hotels.


If the Odalys Group is not the owner of these assets, it manages them on behalf of private investors, institutions or communities having entrusted the management of their assets by commercial lease or by mandate over a period of 9 to 11 years.


Through its subsidiary SGIT Gestion, the Odalys Group supports 19,000 co-owner clients to ensure that their investment is sustainable in partnership with the Odalys operating department or that of other operators. Over the years, SGIT Gestion has adapted its accounting, technical and/or legal expertise to the specific requirements and needs of its clients.

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